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Contract law governs written (and some verbal) agreements associated with exchange of goods and services, money, or property. 

 Handshake Deals are Penny-Wise, but Pound-Foolish

Whether you are dealing with a business associate, family or friend, a handshake agreement does nothing to legally protect you when something goes wrong. Handshake deals are typically a recipe for disaster and are almost never properly resolved, as they inevitably come down to the “he said” – “she said” and foggy memories of what can be a detailed and complicated relationship.

Well Executed Contracts Protect You

Using our years of hands-on experience, the Roth Law Firm writes tailored contracts protecting businesses and individuals by spelling out the rights and duties of all parties to the relationship. Properly prepared contracts allow parties to refer back to the actual agreement, to remember what they agreed to, their responsibilities, and what they would do in case of a dispute. Contracts also allow a judge or mediator to view what the parties agreed to should something go wrong.

Passionate, Honest and Dedicated Legal Services Tailored to Your Business

The Roth Law firm serves small and medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs in the preparation of easy to understand, yet legally binding contracts.  We provide experienced legal counsel communicating honest opinions and delivering to each client the personalized service and the dedication only a smaller law firm can provide.

 The Roth Law Firm provides the advantages of having your own in-house counsel with the benefits of out-sourced legal services.

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