Family Law Appeals in Jacksonville

The stakes are high in family law trials, whether they involve a divorce, custody, or any other aspect of life as a family. Those dissatisfied with the Court’s resolution may ask a higher court to reverse it by appealing the judgment. 

High Quality Representation For The High Stakes In Family Law Appeals

Appeals are different. Family Courts are courts of equity, meaning they must do what is fair. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they fail. We represent both appellants who think the Family Court got it wrong, and the appellee intent on preserving the verdict. We bring our expertise to each appeal we undertake, applying meticulous attention to every evidentiary ruling, every fact presented, every ruling made from the bench on governing law. We carefully advise our clients and zealously fight to preserve every one of their rights.

Passionate, Honest and Dedicated Legal Services Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Using our years of experience, the Roth Law firm serves appellants and appellees in family law appeals. We provide experienced legal counsel communicating honest opinions and delivering to each client the personalized service and the dedication only a smaller law firm can provide.

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