Business Legal Services

Mainsail Capital LLC appreciates the outstanding professional service provided by the Roth Law Firm. They helped our company start and grow into an efficient business in a professional and ethical manner by creating legal documents for us in a timely fashion, as well as providing invaluable legal advice. We highly recommend their services to anyone.Mainsail Capital
I met JB Roth at the introduction of another attorney colleague of mine. We followed up our initial casual meeting with a lunch the next week to get to know one another and our businesses better. At the end of our lunch, I had JB Roth on retainer for my business. This is one of the wisest choices I have made for myself and my business.

Since that time, I have had a few minor issues come up where I needed JB’s expertise. I have called him and at times just sent him an email. He always returns my calls and emails promptly and personally. I must say that every bit of money written to the Roth Law Firm is seen as an investment in my business and not an expense. Pleasantly [I am] invoiced fairly. I am very careful not to tie up JB’s time on trivial matters; however on the rare occasion that I have a quick question or a brief follow up scenario, I notice that I have never been aggressively invoiced for each moment in time, as is the practice of some [attorneys]. JB’s rates are always fair and quoted ahead of time when asked.

In regards to expertise, JB has a way to communicate the best choice of action for me in a manner that I understand. He speaks on my level and never makes me feel anything less than his most important client.

I highly recommend [JB and the Roth Law Firm] for anyone or any business who appreciates excellent representation.Ward Media Group

Commercial Litigation

I retained the Roth Law Firm because my initial interviews gave me confidence that JB knew what he was talking about and that he would follow through on a ‘cost effective’ basis versus the seemingly endless ‘billable hours’ that are the stock and trade of many law firms. I found JB to be totally conscientious, knowledgeable and committed to keeping me informed at all times. We won the case against a much larger firm… Yes, I would recommend JB and the Roth Law Firm, subject only to the specific nature of the matter involved.B.E.
JB Roth is an excellent lawyer who without a doubt is for his client [and] passionate about the law and wrongdoing. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of a lawyer. I also like the way he listens to you without interruption and he asks valid
questions. His questions uncover the root causes and reasons why you need him as your lawyer. Thanks for everything because you made me see that what I thought was wrongdoing was true and wrong. Thanks again.A.J.

Real Estate Litigation

I turned to JB and the Roth Law Firm to assist me with a real estate matter. I had a general idea of how I wanted to handle the matter, but JB opened my eyes to other avenues of defense that I had not contemplated. His approach was thorough, aggressive, and consummately professional. We not only prevailed, the plaintiff was ordered to pay my legal fees due to various deficiencies in his case that were exposed by JB. It takes someone knowledgeable and aggressive to yield these types of positive results, JB Roth is that attorney.J.S.

Government Agencies Litigation

As a client of the Roth Law Firm, I am writing this testimonial for the exceptional services that were provided. JB Roth was contacted by me regarding an important legal matter that affected me professionally and personally. He immediately took my case, quickly analyzed and synthesized a large amount of data in a relatively short period of time. JB articulated a strong defense and was aggressive in being able to successfully defend me. Without the services of the Roth Law Firm, I would not have been able to present the case properly and the outcome would have been very different.

During the duration of my case, JB always responded immediately to my emails and telephone calls. He answered all of my questions and presented clearly a sound strategy in resolving my legal problem. JB also was kind and gentle with during this stressful time. Without a question, JB Roth is the finest lawyer and ethical person that I have been associated with.Dr. R.I.