American and French Flag

Our blog is traditionally dedicated to educating and sometimes entertaining.  We eschew grand philosophical thoughts for the economic trenches, for what is most useful to the small businesses we serve.

But being a French-born lawyer in the United States, I was particularly touched by the terrorist attacks on Paris late last week.  They touch, I can safely say, every aspect of my being.

At times like these, I am reminded that the place I came from and the place I call home, where I love to live, are united by a commitment to liberty and the fight against senseless murderers.  In the run of cocktail parties and dinners with friends, the conversation has turned at times to the differences between France and the United States.  There are none that matter.  The two countries were united in their revolutions, America’s in 1776 and France’s in 1789, and are together once again behind common values of unity and freedom.

I am also reminded that the rule of law is the antidote to terrorism.  The rule of law distinguishes us from barbaric acts because we resolve our disputes by arguing in court, not killing innocents.  In the daily grind of billable hours and lawyers trying to get under each other’s skin, this is easy to forget.  But that was – and still is – why I chose this honorable profession.

My grandfather fled ahead of the Nazis and dedicated his life to the law. He recognized the binary incompatibility between justice and murderous tyranny.  In this age punctuated by gratuitous carnage and polarized ideas, I strive to make my little corner of the world a just a bit better with courtesy and zeal in my profession, my little pebble among million others fighting the good fight.